Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow N92DA Photos


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The ideal complex training platform

 The Piper Arrow is the only complex trainer available for purchase direct from an OEM. The Arrow offers an ideal classroom in the sky for complex, single engine training at a price that is manageable for the smallest of flight schools. Thousands are in service around the world, so your choice of the Piper Arrow for your training needs is a wise one.


Maximum Cruise Speed 170 ktas
Maximum Range  1 880 nm
Takeoff Distance (S.L., ISA, MTOW)  2 1,600ft
Ground Roll 1,000ft
Landing Distance (S.L., ISA, MLW) 1,520ft
Ground Roll 620ft
Maximum Operating Altitude 16,200 ft
Maximum Climb Rate (Sea Level) 600fpm
VNE 214kias
Stall Speed 65kcas

1 45 minute Fuel Reserves, 75% Power @ 12,000 ft.
2 Distance to 50 feet above the runway.



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IO-360-SER, 200 hp


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