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The Piper Seneca is more rubust and performs better than the smaller Seminole, able to maintain training altitudes on one engine even in the desert heat. The Seneca maintains the same simplicity of handling and systems as other retractable-gear Pipers.


* No wind, MTOW
Power (S.L. / 12,000 MSL) 200 hp ea/ 215 hp ea
Maximum Range  1 700-800 nm
Takeoff Distance (S.L., ISA) 1,500 ft
Landing Distance (S.L., ISA) 1,900 ft
Maximum Altitude 25,000 ft
Climb Rate (S.L, ISA) 1,200 fpm
Cruise Speed (ISA, 75%, S.L./ 10,000 ft) 155 / 175 KTAS
Vso 61 KIAS
Vmc 66 KIAS
Vyse 89 KIAS
Vlo 107/129 KIAS
Vno 163 KIAS
Vne 195 KIAS

1 65% power, 123 gal, 45 min reserve

Note: Max Zero Fuel Weight limits internal load, leaving room for up to
95 gal to reach MTOW. Full fuel 123 gal limits internal load further.


Garmin 430 (GPS / Nav / Com) plus King 155 Nav/Com; Garmin audio panel & transponder; HSI, RMI, DME; ADF

Power Plant

Continental TSIO-360 + LTSIO-360 (counter-rotating); each rated 200 hp at Sea Level, and 215 hp at 12,000 ft due to KTAS increase with altitude.

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