Multi-Engine Rating

Flying twin-engine and other multi-engine planes means a entering a new level in airplane size and capability.  A Multi-Engine Rating can be added to either a Private or Commercial Pilot certificate.  You will learn all about managing two sets of engine controls through all phases of flight, and how to easily take care of things if one engine has trouble.  If you are already Instrument-rated, you will then learn these things while flying on instruments.

If your goal is career-oriented (Commercial/ Instrument & Multi-Engine), some people wait until Commercial training for this rating.  Private Pilot Multi-Engine gives you more Multi PIC time logged, but the extra FAA Checkride doesn’t credit upward to the Commercial level.  Adding Multi to an existing grade of pilot certificate means there is no FAA Knowledge Test (“written test”) to worry about.

A VFR-only Multi-Engine Rating can be accomplished in less than 10 hours of flight and 5-10 hours of ground instruction.  A current Instrument pilot usually needs a few more hours of ground and 5-7 hours of flight instruction to master engine-out instrument approaches.

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