Multi-Engine Flight Instructor

Airplane instructor privileges are separated into single-engine and multi-engine.  For either of these two classes of plane, you need 15 hours flying as Pilot in Command.  Your first Multi-Engine checkride (and any multi flying since) got you started toward this 15-hour total.

If you are already a single-engine instructor, you might not need that much flight time to combine your single-engine teaching with flying & teaching a twin from the right seat, but most people budget the 15 hours together. Along the way you will gain ground-instruction insight on unique dynamics of teaching multi-engine flight while preserving a safe environment.

A Multi-Engine Instructor who gets Instrument Instructor privileges (usually in a single-engine plane), is automatically allowed to teach Multi/Instrument procedures.  We recommend that as you near completion of your MEI, you devote some time to correlation of these skills to help set your comfort zone when it comes to teaching.

We are able to work with customers in most light multi-engine planes they have – we only charge our standard instruction rate.

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