• Congratulation to Gabriel Rascon - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Cory TerEirck - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Heath Burlando - G1000 Course
  • Congratulation to Mark Hewitt - G1000 course winner
  • Congratulation to Timothy Miller - Instrument Rating
  • Congratulation to Scott Crossen- Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Nadine Dubach - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Michael DeGroote - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Donlan Page - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Marc Sokol – Solo
  • Congratulation to Shawn McGettigan – Sport Pilot
  • Congratulation to Steve Weiner – Sport Pilot
  • Congratulation to Kyra Fontaine – Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Neal Van Den Langenberg - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Tim Crowe - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Scott Crossen - re-solo after having to stop 8 years ago
  • Congratulation to Sam Mogren - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Heath Burlando - Commercial ASEL

Falcon Executive Aviation Flight School

Falcon Executive Aviation is an FAA-Approved Flight School under Part 141, in addition to giving Part 61 training. Our FAA-Approved courses include Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, and Garmin G1000 courses.

This means we can complete your Private through Commercial training with lower total times than non-approved schools. From zero to finish, this can save you several thousand dollars! Also, you will know your training system employed "best practices" and documentation that passes FAA standards for quality and safety.

Whether you're starting your training or considering and instrument rating, we have special introductory flights available.

General Information

Rental Fleet

Additional Services

  • Finish-up: training started elsewhere
  • School Tours & Scout Badges
  • Insurance Time-in-Type Requirements
  • Other Specialized Avionics training:
    (Garmin, Avidyne, Bendix/King, etc.)
  • Garmin G1000 transition
  • Memorial Flights/ Ash Dispersal
  • Scenic Flights & Special Events
  • Flight Reviews & FAA Wings
  • Pinch-Hitter (friends & family of pilots, etc.)
  • Mountain Flying/ Density Altitude effects
  • Instrument Proficiency
  • Other, tailored to your needs!


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