• Congratulation to Gabriel Rascon - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Cory TerEirck - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Heath Burlando - G1000 Course
  • Congratulation to Mark Hewitt - G1000 course winner
  • Congratulation to Timothy Miller - Instrument Rating
  • Congratulation to Scott Crossen- Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Nadine Dubach - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Michael DeGroote - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Donlan Page - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Marc Sokol – Solo
  • Congratulation to Shawn McGettigan – Sport Pilot
  • Congratulation to Steve Weiner – Sport Pilot
  • Congratulation to Kyra Fontaine – Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Neal Van Den Langenberg - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Tim Crowe - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Scott Crossen - re-solo after having to stop 8 years ago
  • Congratulation to Sam Mogren - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Heath Burlando - Commercial ASEL

Falcon Executive Aviation Flight School

We are proud to work with Pilot Finance Incorporated (PFI).  We have had excellent success with this lender.

Any money you have on account with us, regardless of its source, is always safe with us.  Exploring this website, you will see that we are a collection of many specialties under one roof, not just a flight school.  We are professionally managed and properly licensed and insured.  This assures a long term, stable business environment to our customers.

What about block rates?  The operating costs of each plane are laid out and tracked, adding up to what most would call the block rate, and the “retail” rate then becomes a punishment to those who don’t put down larger chunks of money.  We don’t believe in that.  Our newer fleet of well-insured and well-cared-for planes may not be the cheapest, but they have a comfort and dispatch reliability as good as can be.  Still, we recognize that some people need to do time-building or long-term rental where enough flight time exists to set a discounted rate.  Please contact Matt Miller the Flight School Manager for further details.


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