Airline Transport Pilot

The ATP is the highest Pilot Certificate, combining visual and instrument knowledge and skills beyond Commercial level, enabling you to fly for the airlines.  For years, pilots were getting hired as commuter airline First Officers with less than the required 1,500 hours, so this capstone was often handled between the pilot and the employer during a regular 6-month currency check.  Now, regulations are changing and you will need to achieve this level before any airline can hire you.

ATP certification is always tailored to the individual, since everyone closes in on 1500 hours slightly differently.  Most ATP candidates use a multi-engine plane, but there are single-engine jobs that want it as well.  We will review your ground and flight skills, based on FAA requirements, to set a path for you to achieve this goal.

We are able to work with customers in most light multi-engine planes they have - we only charge our standard instruction rate.  For Single-Engine ATP candidates, we effectively combine retractable and fixed-gear airplanes on our flight line for cost-effective training, at the standard rates.


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